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SMT Board Support Tooling


Board Support Tooling is critical within any printer, dispenser and pick and place machine to run a repeatable process. A custom dedicated machined tooling plate is the ideal solution but you must plan well ahead, have the plate designed and then manufactured, even then it's only a custom fit for that version of the board. Magnetic tooling pin posts and auto pin tooling do offer a flexible solution, but are limited to their pitch, the area they can support and can cause stress and damage to components when the pins exert pressure on a device leg or body.

VacuNest developed by Novatec, the innovators who patented Varidot/Pumpprint adhesive printing and the Proflow/Rheopump enclosed print head, combine the benefits of a custom tooling plate with the versatility of pins. An antistatic membrane covers a foam former surrounded by polymer granules. Simply place a golden board onto the modules, press down, pull a vacuum, and the memory of the board shape profile is held. Simple, secure and a custom board support within seconds. Release the vacuum and the modules return to their original form awaiting set up for your next version of board.

VacuNest  - Shape Memory Tooling ~ shaping the future today 

Technical Article


  • Support is spread over a large surface
  • VacuNest offers a firm and precise support
  • Number of modules adapted to your board width
  • Setup is less than 2 minutes
  • Offers lateral support for enclosed print head