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Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning

GENSONIC Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning systems can be used offline on any work bench or in a stand alone Stencil Cleaning Centre. Alternatively they can be taken directly to the Stencil Printer to clean the stencil apertures in situ, avoiding the need to reset and calibrate the printer.

Direct “On Contact” Ultrasonic cleaning is the ultimate way to remove Solder particles trapped within stencil apertures, metalized inks from mesh screens and SMD adhesives from either metal or thick plastic stencils.

The Ergonomic hand held transducer is easy to use, cleans a stencil or screen fast, in under 2 minutes, using minimal process fluids & consumables and is the most cost effective low cost solution to 100% clean apertures.

Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner


* Direct “On Contact” ultrasonic cleaning
* Provides an In Printer cleaning solution
* Suitable for both stainless or plastic stencils and mesh screens
* Use with solder paste, SMD adhesive, metalized inks
* Minimal use of fluids
* Total aperture penetration
* Improves process yields
 * Robust construction

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