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Soldering Materials


DKL is the UK's premier independent manufacturer of tin/ lead alloys supplying high purity solders and tin / lead alloys manufactured in accordance with the relevant national and international standards or to customer proprietary specifications.

Quality, Consistency and Reliability is achieved by careful selection of raw materials, stringent on site laboratory quality control during manufacture within the framework of a formalised quality management system to ISO EN 9001 : 2000 and environmental accreditation IS0 EN 14001 : 1996

Whatever your electronics manufacturing needs DKL have the right solder and flux formulations, working in partnership to keep your process in control with the full back up and support of our technical support team and sampling analytical laboratories.

Licensed to manufacture all the popular patented Lead Free Alloy formulations DKL Technical engineers are able to offer you truly unbiased advice on alloy selection for your specific application.