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Bare Board Cleaning

PCB Cleaning prior to SMT assembly 

As electronic assemblies design in finer pitch and incorporate higher density component loading the process window is becoming even tighter. Starting with a clean board / substrate is essential as allowing board dust, process swarf, hairs, clothing fibres, packaging particulate, airborne contaminants into your process, will affect end of line process yields.

Loose surface contaminants cause blockages in stencil apertures, clog dispensing needles, contaminate solder paste and cause inconsistent print deposition and quality. With over 60% of all end of line defects attributed to the deposition process making a clean start becomes a priority.

One simple step will ensure a clean start ~ A specially formulated Polymer roller on contacting the board surface will lift any loose surface contaminants, these are subsequently transferred to either an adhesive pad or roll where they are trapped and held for removal from the working area. Stencils prior to inserting into the printer platform should also be cleaned to ensure no loose surface contaminants enter the printing process.

SDI a technology world leader in contamination removal solutions have a range of equipment available to suit every level of production, manual hand rollers & pads, semi auto stand alone board cleaners or fully automated in line systems.

Does contamination exist in your process?

PCB Cleaning
SDI Roller on Paper