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Bulk Process fluids

Post Solder Flux Remover

Bulk Process fluids

SC2500 in concentrate form (for use in dishwasher type machines) and ready to use for In line or batch cleaning machines.

5L container (concentrate), 25L container

Concentrate MSDS

Ready To Use MSDS

Screenclean 100

Screenclean 100 is a powerful solvent blend capable of removing even hardened solder paste deposits. It evaporates completely leaving a clean, dry and grease free surface behind. Screenclean 100 is harmless to most plastics, elastomers, rubbers and industrial finishes. Users should test compatibility with the screen adhesives used with mesh backed framed stencils. Recommended for manual cleaning operations.

5L container, 25L container

Screenclean 400

Screenclean 400 is an exceptionally strong cleaner for use on difficult residue cleaning applications. It is completely biodegradable and has a high flashpoint (59 deg. C), dry with warm air or wipe dry with Ultrawipes. Screenclean 400 will remove virtually all uncured adhesive and Solder Paste residues.

5L container, 25L container

Screenclean 450 SP

Water based micro emulsion cleaner for Screen / stencil cleaning to remove solder past.

25L container

Screenclean 450 PG

Water base micro emulsion cleaner for Screen / Stencil cleaning to remove solder paste and adhesives.

25L container