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Trigger Sprays


Surclean Trigger Sprays

Powerwash is a high performance cleaner for use on difficult residue cleaning applications. It is completely biodegradable and has a high flashpoint (59 deg. C), dry with warm air or wipe dry with Dry Wipes. Powerwash will remove virtually all uncured adhesive and Solder Paste residues.

1 Litre Trigger Spray ~ Part No 3582


Screenclean 100

Screenclean 100 is a powerful solvent blend capable of removing even hardened solder paste deposits. It evaporates completely leaving a clean, dry and grease free surface behind. Screenclean 100 is harmless to most plastics, elastomers, rubbers and industrial finishes. Users should test compatibility with the screen adhesives used with mesh backed framed stencils. Recommended for manual cleaning operations.

1Litre Trigger Spray ~ Part No SC-100-1-TS